Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finally, I am Able to Sleep, first time in 2 years!

Even though my previous abusive landlord upset me terribly for 2 years, while allowing a mean elderly couple to literally torment me and my 2 little dogs by waking us up every morning at 8 am with their banging and booming below my apartment, just because they lived in that complex for 17 years, I now see that GOD truly wanted me away from them, the bad landlord, the mean maintenance man and my former friend who lived across the hall from me, who literally lied about me to her relative, the rental agent.

My GOD Reigns! I now live in a lovely 2 bedroom all hardwood floors apt, with washer/drier hookups and a gorgeous back yard!! I hope and pray that GOD will convict their hearts and minds and prick their consciences for what they have done unto me, a very nice and loving 62 year old great-grandmother, who wanted nothing but PEACE and Safety in my apartment building, when instead, I was literally abused by them all for 2 solid years. The mental and physical stress of being tortured by lies, booms and bangs and abuse from these people, has caused me to become ill. I must now have my 2nd MRI but this time with contrast dye so my Neurologist can pinpoint what's taking place in my brain. She told me that she thinks it has something to do with my high blood pressure. Thank you, all of you bad and wicked nutcases, for literally stripping me of my Constitutional Right to PEACE and SAFETY in my dwelling place, not!!

I made it, without losing my temper, or my mind, thanks be unto my Heavenly Father, who wraps HIS Loving Arms around me each and every day. I would not have made it, if it weren't for HIM and HIS LOVE for me.

The LORD Thy GOD Is My Avenger. Without one single doubt.

Soon, I will be coming to online, LIVE from my lovely home, through my new upcoming online radio talk show. Stay in touch. Thank you for all of your wonderful thoughts and prayers for me, my 2 little dogs and my 2 sweet finches. We Love You All. :)

Roxine Cherie' Evans aka TruthLives aka Cina.