Tuesday, November 6, 2018

We Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before.. (2018-2019)

These booms and growls are coming from inside earth where the devil Satan aka Lucifer has been growing into a red dragon that will at any moment now, bust out of earth to go into the sky for all to see him battle JESUS CHRIST, 2 be destroyed by JESUS who will then bring Heaven onto Earth. The loud sounds that are taking place around the globe are in fact, the mighty trumpets of the LORD THY GOD warning all mankind to get right w/our MAKER aka CREATOR GOD. This is no joke! See for yourselves!! RoxineEvans.com DaughterOfGOD.org UFOINVASION.ORG - I was born in 1951, for this very day, in time. In 1952 a UFO Fleet flew over the #WhiteHouse This is truly the battle between GOOD and EVIL. #ReverendCinaUSA