Sunday, February 1, 2015


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  1. Davidici Line Era: The 400 years of the blood line of the Greek Messiahs known as the Grecians. Deceived and conspired against. Devices and hell have earned their "Stupid Award". I can not grant much else. I AM THE ROYAL BLOODLINE. Hated for existing in an evil world of dead. The Grand Esther of The Grand Chapter of The State of California, Order of the Eastern Star, Given by the Montebello Chapter 335, Order of the Eastern Star, YOUR MONARCH Ruby Mae Parker, June 14, 1962. My Queen is gone. I AM the heir to all the treasures they keep murdering over. Gross bastards have killed all my people and brought filthy alien creature in shell replacements to eat, harvest, molest and rape me and my people. They get convicted in Canada 2013 and continue genocide everywhere. Technology, the Trinity(Atom Bomb Project), Trilateral Axis Coalition, Arza Coalition(Bastards DO NOT have permission to use a name that is NOT theirs). Me being the heir and thrown in the middle of a divergent genocide is not considered, or thought about by hardly anyone. There are very few people who care about their MONARCHS and the people who KNOW WHAT LOVE IS AND CARE TO GIVE IT CONSTANTLY TO THEM. My family is gone. So are all my people. NWO has destroyed everything! Who said? Who continued to allow this? I matter. I may not be perfect, but GOD gave me the perfect HEART and I AM perfect and His Beloved. Leaving words out of bibles and playing games(Olympics)with my people at stake is an injustice I just can't understand how it came to be at all. How? How can this evil be stronger than love? I AM better.