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Today, the rental agent came to my door and handed me the very same letter that she already gave to me, telling me that my landlord will not renew my lease due to the fact that I do not get along with my neighbors and that I called the mean and abusive elderly man who lives below me a foul name, when in fact, none of those things are true at all. They have made the entire thing up, simply because the mean old man has lived here for 17 years and they feel sorry for him, yet they allowed him on 2 occasions to verbally and physically harass me, stating, "Well, if anyone goes, it won't be them, they have lived here for 17 years." Talk about favoritism for the bad tenant and lies against the good tenant, who is such a good tenant that, her Section 8 rental assistance voucher was just renewed for another year. Isn't that against the law in NY State, for a landlord to inflict unnecessary pain upon his/her tenant, by throwing that tenant out, like a piece of trash, for no valid reason at all? Let's take a look at what our NY State Attorney General has to say about this.

NY State Attorney General

"Tenant's Rights Guide"

A landlord is prohibited from any action intended to force a 
tenant out of an apartment or to compel a tenant to give up 
any rights granted the tenant by law. No landlord, or any party 
acting on the landlord’s behalf, may interfere with the tenant’s 
privacy, comfort, or quiet enjoyment of the apartment. Harassment may take the form of physical or verbal abuse, willful denial of services, or multiple instances of frivolous litigation. 
If a landlord lies or deliberately misrepresents the law to a tenant, this may also constitute harassment. Penal Law § 241.05.

Here is the letter that I just faxed to my landlord and his rental agent today after receiving their letter, once again.

3:30 PM 5/29/2013

Dear Landlord and Rental Agent,
Why do you keep harassing me, by giving me another letter of non-renewal of my lease and a warning that I may lose my Section 8? You already gave me this very same letter. And, nothing you can say about me, or do to me, will ever cause me to lose my Section 8. I am a very good tenant and they have known me for years, whether you want to believe it or not, that's your problem!

Please do not think that this is over. I am taking you to court to sue you for the hell that you have caused me to suffer, since I moved in, until now. You people are mentally deranged to do to tenants, what you have done to me. I am innocent of all of your false allegations against me and I will prove it, gladly.

I have the right to freedom of speech and I never put your names, or the name of this apt., complex, online. If I did, then prove it. You can't, because there is nothing online that states your names, period. And, you should also know that, my websites get over 40,000 hits per month from Rome, NY Residents! (which I can also prove, gladly.)

I should have called 911 the first time that the mean old man below me, verbally and physically assaulted me, but I had mercy on him, instead. I should have called 911 the second time he did the same thing to not only me, once again, but also my 24 year old grandaughter, too. But, instead, I told you, landlord and all you said to me was, "Well, if anyone goes, it won't be them, they've been here for 17 years." Wow, that's a real nice and proper thing to tell one of your tenants, who has just been verbally and physically attacked by a violent tenant! Where is your thinking coming from, Landlord? That is not how a good landlord treats a tenant, period!

I never called him any foul names, if anyone did that day that he was banging horribly in his garage, it may have been the woman next to me who has the little boy. She's always talking loud while looking out the window. Do you honestly think that I am the only tenant who that mean old man was bothering that day? And, my neighbor who told me that she never heard a thing because she was sleeping, as she usually does throughout the days, after being up all night long on her computer, lied and told you both that she heard me call that mean, old tenant a foul name? I never woke her in the early am and the night she came over to see the bright object in the sky, she stood in amazement over what she was seeing for at least 10 minutes! Yet, she lied to you, rental agent and told you that she never saw anything?? You believe her, just because she is related to you, through marriage. Isn't that favoritism?

Now, that is the truth and you are throwing me out like trash. I hope that I sue you and win Landlord, because you have not only done a terrible and wrongful thing by throwing me out against my will for absolutely no just cause, but you have also slandered me to Rome Housing and to me, that is a no no!!  Trust me Landlord and Rental Agent, this is going all the way to the court system, I promise.

And, Rental Agent, if I may suggest something to you, when you show apts., maybe it's a good idea if you don't talk about other tenants, to your new prospects, as I have been told by several tenants that you do it all the time, just as you did when I came to see my apt. You should respect the privacy of ALL tenants, by not gossiping about them, period. After my experience with you and your relative, my neighbor, I have learned that you are both not right in your thinking at all. You are both liars and troublemakers, period. How dare you warn me about continuing on with abusing other tenants when I never abused one, EVER! You people are absolutely out of your minds for what you have done to me!!

Roxine Cherie' Evans
'In The Name Of Humanity' (founder)

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