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July 16, 2012
Mark Braun  - Coral Springs, Florida   



Published on Oct 24, 2012 - by Mark Braun
Recently - A Policeman told me "don't play a hero in his town". It happened just after I saved an elderly women's life from being cut short when her boyfriend who's an xcop beat her outside my door July 16, 2012. The xcop was interrupted by me opening my door when I responded to her cries for help. The xcop through her to floor like a rag doll. In a single step the xcop stepped directly through me and my door and punched my nose. He is 300lbs and almost 7' tall. He spilled his wallet all over my floor. When he left - he left evidence behind. I called 911 and when police arrived they refused to let either of us press charges against the xcop. Instead I was cuffed behind my back and punched in my gut. The fire rescue paramedics laughed at me while I was dying before their eyes. The fire rescue paramedic who hooked up IV to me kept missing the vein saying "Oops! Don't play hero in this town". He smiled while saying it to me and was looking the officer in the eyes, the one that cuffed me and punched me in my gut rupturing my spleen - telling me "dont play hero in his town". These people sworn to protect us are "Sinister" they were laughing while I was dying. The dr's wrote on report I arrived to them w/ 10min critical time. Which means 10 min will of been dead. The dr's wrote on the report I lost half my blood to internal bleeding. The dr's noted on the report 2 large lacerations on my spleen. When They woke me up they told me It was "miraculous" I survived. Before I was cuffed I had my iPhone out and video taped the ordeal till you see in the (other) video the police and paramedics placing their hands over the camera telling me to shut it off. I shut off, placed it in my pocket & was immediately cuffed behind my back and assaulted. I posted the evidence videos to YouTube for safe keeping in case my phone was stolen while I recovered in intensive care unit. Finally 8 days later I made it home from hospital & was threatened by xcop, he said he was going to kill me and showed me his gun. I called 911 and police came out. They said to me while on video that Im on my own. Being I nearly died as described in the hospital report, that means the officer who nearly killed me "for playing hero" should be brought up on attempted murder charges. That very night 11:58pm a policeman knocked on my door and warned me to take down the videos I posted or else they were coming for me next day. At 12:30am I was talking to "Maryal @ rightthisminute.com" on the phone; a national news media women. We spoke about my ordeal she saw my video evidence I posted. She said she spoke to PR guy at police and she made me call on three way calling with her so she could document my attempt to file complaint with them. What happened the next day is seen in my video "Police Home invade No Warrant" video. The full uniform police PR guy showed up in huge force as I video taped them. I video taped them illegally breaking into my home swat teams with machine guns to my face & They Had NO WARRANT. The video shows Clearly they did not state they had a warrant and also never said that they are the police. I was visible on my balcony to policemen as they distract me while SWAT breaks in No Warrant. I had no shirt with medical grade staples clearly from head to toe as I just got home from the hospital. The police claimed they came to my home because they got a call stating I was going to harm myself. Here we are 90 days after and the person who called has come forward on record stating he was stopped by police while exited the parking lot. They coerced him to make a fake call to police stating his neighbor was about to harm himself. He explained Police coerced him by planting something on him and telling him he was going to jail had he not obeyed them. I filmed from my balcony the police in huge force. Clearly the police had come in huge force before the fake call. I video taped them before they realized they parked their cars on the wrong side of the building exposing themselves to my video camera. The Coral Springs Police Department is absolutely corrupt. It goes beyond all conceivable measure. This is so crazy you can't imagine. You must watch the evidence videos I posted. People say I'm alive only because I was video taping. Scary beyond nightmare. Be safe and well people. It's a whole new world out side.
Pass on some love today instead of hatred like police.


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