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March 2, 2013

Dear Senator Gillibrand,
I am 61 years old and I receive SSD for my physical disabilities. I live in

Rome, NY and I know that you care for Senior Citizens.

I need your help. There are landlords here in Rome, NY who are literally

abusing their tenants. I know this because I am one of their victims and it is

now literally killing me. I believe that now, I am going into heart failure as

the direct result of their abuse.

I live at ....... Apts. here in Rome, NY. I moved into my apt in September of

2011. I love my apt. It's sunny and spacious and even though I must pay

60.00 extra per month for my 2 little house trained dogs per month, I am

quite happy living here.

However, after I moved in, the elderly couple below me, who have lived

here for over 17 years, began to harass me by waking me up at 7 am each

day with horrible booms and bangs from their apt. I told the Rental Agent of

this activity and she called them, which made it worse.

I was only here for 3 weeks when I received a call from my landlord stating

that the couple below me told him that I was throwing trash out of my

bathroom window, when in fact, it was the elderly man who did this, I saw

him do it with my own eyes. The landlord said to me, after I told him that I

was innocent to, "well, just don't do it again."

Senator, I need your attention. I am founder of a non profit organization

called, "In The Name Of Humanity." It is an organization that helps the

poor, disabled and elderly.

I know that I am not the only person who this landlord is hurting and

falsely accusing. He is in fact, breaking his own lease that states that no

tenant will harass any other tenant in any way. The very thing that not only

the elderly and mean couple below me are doing, but also him, himself.

Please help us, Senator Gillibrand, this kind of inhumane and cruel

treatment to innocent tenants must be stopped now. Landlord even

threatened me that he will notify Housing Authority about me being a bad

tenant, when in fact, I am the perfect tenant in every way. I love my

neighbor as myself.

I sent an email to Rome HA regarding this heinous behavior by the parties


My blood pressure is almost uncontrollable, my physician had to double

my HB medication and asked me to take another medication to remove

anxiety because of this tortuous treatment by the parties involved.

There should be a law created that protects the poor, disabled and elderly

who are receiving Section 8, who 's abusive landlords, who participate in

HUD/Section 8, from abuse, period.

Senator Gillibrand, I truly trust that you will not overlook this and you will

possibly use my horrific experiences with these neglectful and abusive

landlords once and for all, to bring forth a law that will protect innocent

tenants from this type of abuse.

Sincerely and awaiting your reply,
Roxine Cherie' Evans
'In The Name Of Humanity' (founder)

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