Tuesday, March 12, 2013



I know what it's like to be around an unprofessional policeman/woman. It's so frightening, words can barely describe it. You are psychologically trusting this "Safe Person" whom you grew up truly believing was your true and trusted friend, only to be shocked into abruptly seeing the very opposite. Instead of being near one of your guardian angels, suddenly you are stuck right in front of a vicious pitbull showing it's teeth at you, the innocent citizen!

I know what Mrs. Mait is suffering, because I too have been forced to feel the very same way that she feels now. Police today are frightening. You don't know which one is going to be mean, after you've suffered such a traumatic shock such as Police Abuse. You're never the same again. I see that Mrs. Mait has made her home like a little Heaven on earth for herself, a Sanctuary of Safety, just as I have done to my sweet little home.

I am praying for Mrs. Mait, after viewing her horrific video of Police torture. I pray that Almighty GOD will restore Peace of mind to her, once again. My own brother is a cop with a bad attitude and I haven't seen him in over 50 years! May GOD have mercy on our Souls and the Souls of ALL Victims of Police Abuse, guilty or innocent!  In The Name Of Humanity (founder) ROXINEEVANS.COM

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